Ibogaine Mailing List Directory

  The ibogaine list began in February, 1997 to discuss issues related to ibogaine, especially its promise and use in the treatment of drug addiction. Below is a directory of the messages which have contributed the most unique and useful information to the list. There are also some messages on related topics, such as the use of heantos to interrupt addiction. A full collection of the messages from the ibogaine list remain available at the ibogaine list archive.


  - Plant sources: "Re: Ibogaine containing plants", "Re: TAGAR", and "Botanical sources of ibogaine other than T. iboga"
  - Presence in Star Jasmine: "re: Ibogaine in Trachelospermum jasminoides"
  - Chemical suppliers of ibogaine, voacangine, and coronaridine: "Ibogaine Sources"
  - Ibogaine semi-synthesis, full patent text: "Ibogaine from Voacangine"
  - Ibogaine semi-synthesis and purification: "ibogaine production technologies (discussion)"
  - Culturing plant cells: "Ibogaine production technology"
  - Extraction from Tabernanthe iboga: "Dickel's Extraction"
  - Explanation for above three articles: "Layman's Translation"
  - Extraction from Tabernaemontana crassa: "ibogain isolation"

Iboga root/root bark/seeds

  - Growing T. iboga: "Re: iboga", "Re: IBOGA GROWING", and "Re: Seeds"
  - For sale by German companies: "Source of T. iboga extract..." and "Re: Source of T. iboga extract..."
  - Bark powder and seeds for sale: "T. Iboga seed "
  - Crude extraction of Tabernanthe iboga: "Re: Iboga availability" and "Use of botanical iboga products and extracts"
  - For sale by French group: "ibogaine for sale" and "T. Iboga available "
  - Indra iboga extract: "Re: FWD from the net", "Re: indra ibo(beginning)", "Re: Indra ibo....", "Re: Have Ibo will travel", "FWD indra analysis", and "Re: FWD indra analysis"
  - E-mail contact: "Ibo for sale..."
  - Another crude iboga extraction: "Anon Ibogaine experience"

Ibogaine treatment

  - There is treatment in Panama for $7500: "Ibogaine treatment costs reduced"
  - Anti Addiction Action Lobby: "Australia - Ibogaine support grows"
  - Treatment by the Bwiti: "Re: In the forests with the Bwiti"
  - Treatment in St. Kitts (See the experience below): "Re: Healing Visions" and "Re: Re: Healing Visions"
  - Web site offering treatment: "New Ibogaine page"
  - California Society for Addiction Medicine Conference: Recording

Other treatment

  - GHB to reduce withdrawal: "Demerol baby" and "GHB To Reduce Withdrawal"
  - Ayahuasca in Holland: No Title, "Re: ayahuasca treatment" and "Friends of the Forest"
  - INTASH: "INTASH=alive and kicking"
  - Amineptine, Buprenex, buproprion (Wellbutrin), clonidine, memantine, mianserin, or mitragynine for addiction treatment: "Re: Amineptine", "wellbutrin" and "Fwd: Laudanum"
  - Chinese treatment: "Single Shot Cures Drug Addiction"
  - Heantos articles: "Addiction Cure in Vietnam", "Another Promising Possibility", "HEANTOS update", "Heantos", "(Fwd) Heantos", "N.J. Man Says Herbal Mix Allowed Him To Kick Heroin [fwd]", "heantos", "Heantos Treatment - Contact Information", and "Re: Heantos Article"
  - Using cannabis to quit tobacco: "Re: Report of Mind States Conference"
  - Psychic Addiction Healer in Massachusetts: "Exploring ALL Possibilities" and "Re: Human Addictions Healer?"
  - Harmaline treatment: "Harmaline/Syrian Rue"
  - Extraction of harmaline: "Harmaline Extraction from Syrian Rue"
  - Etryptamine treatment: "New Addiction Treatment"
  - Acupuncture: "Re:alternative therapies"


  - Chemistry: "Re: CHEMISTS - HELP!" and "Re: Ibogaline"
  - Physical description of T. iboga: "Re: IBOGAINE digest 221"
  - General: "Answers to Ibogaine questions from another list", "Recent News Article", and "Ritter AP Ibo-article"
  - Bwiti: "Article about Bwiti (1/3)", "Article about Bwiti (2/3)", and "Article about Bwiti (3/3)"
  - Current description of Bwiti: No subject   - Sasha Shulgin's description: "TIHKAL Section About Ibogaine"
  - Study of several treatments in Holland: "Full Sheppard Article (1/2)" and "Full Sheppard Article (2/2)"

Ibogaine Experiences

  - "H.S. Lotsof's Ibogaine Questionnaire"
  - "Re: ibogaine worked to me"
  - "ibogaine worked:Of Mice and Men !"
  - "Another completed Ibogaine questionnaire"
  - "Ibogaine treatment"
  - St. Kitts experience: "Re: Thanks", "Re: Healing Visions", and "Fwd: Re: cautiousness with media involvement"
  - Non-clinical: "Ibogaine experience report"
  - Non-clinical: "Re: Ibogaine - Making demands" and "Standing on the Edge of Death/Disastour"
  - Iboga use and safety: "Re: Iboga availability"
  - Self-administered iboga experience: "Iboga experience report"
  - Spiritual journey: "Ibogaine experience from another list", "ibogaine account" and "2nd attempt- my 2nd ibo trip...."
  - Low daily dose: "Ibogaine effects - multiple dose (low) daily", "Iboga experience (Long time small dosis)", and "My (Kev's) subsequent Ibogaine doses"
  - Self administered iboga experience: "Waiting for second contact"
  - Non-clinical: "Ibogaine experience in progress" and "Re: test"
  - Heroin treatment: "Another satisfied customer"
  - Low dose prescription opiate treatment: "Re: 2nd attempt- my 2nd ibo trip...."
  - Increasing daily dose: "An experience"

Voacanga experiences

  - "Re: Ibogaine containing plants"
  - "Re: From another list - Voacanga, etc."
  - "Re: IBOGAINE digest 653"
  - Consumption and analysis of extract: "Requested posting"
  - General description of voacanga: "BPC/Voacanga/Iboga"


  - How to use ibogaine safely: "Using Ibogaine"
  - The peril of being unprepared: "Re: nede ade"
  - Ibogaine T-Shirts: "Ibogaine T-Shirts"
  - Shooting safely: "Regarding heroin ODs"
  - Rules for the ibogaine list: "LEGAL NOTICE: READ IMMEDIATELY"
  - Things to make detox more successful: "Important recovery tips"
  - Law concerning iboga: "Drug Law from TIHKAL" and "FWD Ibogaine in Sweden"
  - Court cases in progress (1/9/98): "Summary of NDA's Case Against UM", "NDA vs. UM (1/3)", "NDA vs. UM (2/3)", "NDA vs. UM (3/3)", "Mash+UM vs. Lotsof+NDA", and "Lotsof and the law"
  - Consumption of Tabernaemontana divaricata extract: "Re: BPC/Voacanga/Iboga"
  - General description of Tabernaemontana divaricata: "Re: BPC/Voacanga/Iboga"
  - Ibogaine psychotherapy: "Naranjo - a brief read"
 : - Use in treating pain: "Patent: Use of ibogaine for treating neuropathic pain" and "II: Patent: Use of ibogaine for treating neuropathic pain"