Date: Sun,  8 Mar 1998 12:39:48 EST
From: "D.H." <>
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Subject: Re: test

Just thought I'd see whats happening out there, if the Ibogaine server
was still up -its been so quiet. someone asked me to pass this along. I
though perhaps it might be of interest to you all...


My second Ibogaine experience was the most specatular, incredible, mind
expanding, reincarnational journey that I have ever had. It was beyond
my Wildest hopes and imagination, and that doesn't even come close to
what it was like. Having been on methadone for 3 years, and going thru
Tapers and dose increases and the general horrors of Heroin withdrawls
for the prior five years to the methadone, I long sought after an
affordable Ibogaine treatment. The first one was rough, as I was unable
to keep the dose down long enough. As a result, I went thru some slight
withdrawls, but nothing like a cold turkey or fast

#2...... I took 740mgs of Ibogaine base with an additional 100mgs of
Ibogaine Hydrochloride. We mixed it with sugar and placed it into Gel
Caps. After an hour, the Ibogaine began to take over. (Note: I took 2
10mg tablets of Domperidon anti-nauseant 1 hour prior to dosing). . .
Also note that having taken the first dose 1 week prior, we decided
there was still a good percentage of noribogaine in my blood and the
full theraputic addiction interuption dose was not nessecary-{22-25mgs
per Kilo of Body weight as per Lotsof}. . . I experienced absolutely NO
nausea. My guide had put on some Piano CDs and the first thing I noticed
was that I could see the spacial coordinates of the room with my eyes
closed. There were Persian Rugs forming in place of the wall paper. I
was at total peace, and was meditating for the Truth, and Strength. A
reflective surface formed above me, and I realised I was looking up at
the surface of a lake,as the ripples and reflections flowed above me.
Nebulous shapes began to drift by my field of vision. As I turned my
head from side to side I was aware that I was sinking down. . . becoming
one with the soil at the bottom of the lake. I knew at that point that I
was returning to the Earth, and I knew what it was like to be a lake
bed, watching the sky for eternity,  with complete patience and
awareness. Bright blue reflective bubbles began to sink DOWN towards me,
glassine and rippling with shape and liquidity. I felt another sinking
sensation and I sank deep into the earth. At that Point, still seeing
the spacial coordinates of the room I was in, The Universe appeared
beyond the transparent confines of the room. Sacred geometry began to
form, with spherical spiraling forms revolving around and around.
Fractals and DNA strands, pulsing and changing with form and color began
to Dance in synchronicity to the Music. As this began to unravel, I felt
a gentle rocking and spinning sensation, and I knew my soul was
seperating from my physical body, and returning to its eternal oneness
with the Cosmos. There was no fear, only truth, beauty, tranquility and

An infinite amount of souls began to flow around me, in liquid blue
luminescant form. I was one with these souls, as they were one with me
and as a whole we are God. I knew at that point that there is no end to
the chain of reincarnation. A voice began to tell me many things,  that
I was eternal, That I was good, that  there is always light,  there is
no evil, only lessons to be learned. An infinite eternity of spiraling
form and color continued to dance, while imaculately divine forms flowed
through my soul into oneness  with  the universe. There was no doubt,
confusiuon or fear, only an awareness of light and transcendancy.
I became aware of the pain, suffering, doubt, confusion and fear that I
hold as an addict is a spiritual matter, that I had lost touch with my
soul. Male and Female forms glowing with fertility drifted through me,
and the chain of life was everywhere. This was not a hallucination. I
recognised everything I saw, as it is etched into my soul for eternity.
This was my "remembering". To go back, and come forth again. The
afirmation of my unity with the cosmos. This process repeated itself
over and over and over for 18 hours straight, with complete visuals and
peace the entire time.  This was to engrave all this knowledge into my

At a certain point I gained the knowledge of my path in life, why I feel
the way I do, why I get terrified, why I get confused, and why It seems
as there is only darkness. All these things are an illusion, a growing
for the human experience. Many Years I steeped in my addiction, with
little or no focus or direction. I was either high or trying to get
high. At any cost. I was shown that this was just a period of darkness
that was a most valuble learning experience that I could look back on
and prosper from the wisdom I gained.

The two treatments were most exhausting, and I have been resting for a
week now since the last treatment. I went thru absolutely no withdrawls
after the 2nd treatment. Besides from being tired, I feel very much
alive, clean, and ready to put into practice the things I have been
shown through this very special and unique treatment for addiction. I
feel like a new person, while retaining all my good qualities that I was
blinded to in my addiction. May all suffering addicts seeking treatment
find Ibogaine.

BTW, I flushed all my methadone down the toilette.