Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 12:38:59 EDT
From: Nick Sandberg <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Another satisfied customer

Received this today from the friend of someone who's just recently taken
1g Ibogaine HCl for a long-term heroin problem. I can forward any
questions by private e-mail.


> Hi xxxx,
> We've been back for a week now, I'm sorry I haven't been near a PC
> ever
> since. We went to the Axxxx like I had told you. I took hard copies of
> all
> the texts I could find on the Ibogaine Dossier, plus the anecdotal
> texts you
> had suggested I should read. Under my constant vigilance, Sxxxxx took
> the
> Ibogaine, and guess what? Exactly 30 min after taking the main dose,
> she
> called me to her bed, grasped my arms strongly, and with wide open
> eyes told
> me, "I'm feeling so strange, I think I'm gonna die!". She was really
> afraid,
> but I calmed her down telling her this would go away and that now she
> should
> lie down still and embark on her voyage. I confess she also scared
> meto the
> point I tried to find your phone number to call you but I had
> forgotten to
> take it with me. Well, 22h later, the next day, she started talking
> and
> asked me to go for a ride in the car. She wanted to go out. She felt
> absolutely no withdrawal symptoms, neither during nor after the
> Ibogaine.
> Most important of all, she told me her desire to consume heroin had
> gone.
> And this is how she feels right now: no desire to consume! After
> almost 8
> years of heroin history, I can only say Ibogaine is absolutely
> a-m-a-z-i-n-g. What's incredible is that almost all of the aspects
> explanated in the anecdotal reports corresponded entirely to our
> experience.
> She couldn't eat for the next 2 days following Ibogaine, and slept
> only
> 3-4h/night for 5 days and is now sleeping 5-6h/night. So she's
> recovering
> her sleep slowly. Her appetite is normal now. I have taken her to
> bi-weekly
> psychotherapy sessions with a female psychotherapist she had known
> before.
> Her humor is back and all she thinks of is having a ball. I explained
> Ibogaine to her before she took it, compelled her to accept certain
> terms,
> and she is informed of everything that is needed to succeed. She is
> next to
> me right now and I am translating a few words for her:
> "I think Ibogaine is something quite fantastic, something I never
> thought
> could exist, so I would like to thank you very much from deep in my
> heart
> for helping me".
> And I thank you also. I really hope we can meet personally some day in
> xxxxx.

xxxx  xxxxxx