Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:09:28 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Ibogaine effects - multiple dose (low) daily

The following report was received and I am posting it to the list.  For the
information of all there is anecdotal data of low dose Ibogaine administered
instead of cocaine at times when cocaine would be used, resulting in the
interruption of cocaine use.  Concerning total alkaloids of Ibogaine, the
total alkaloids have a greater "tracer" effect than does purified Ibogaine
and is probably due to associated alkaloids.  I now leave you to another's
experience with total alkaloids of Ibogaine and hope you enjoy the reading. 


 Knowing that ibogaine is converted into noribogaine in a few hours, and
that noribogaine has a long half life of more than a day, has led to the
theory that it may be possible to treat addiction by giving a small dose of
ibogaine every day while tapering the dose of the addictive substance. Some
people with addictions, for example, are too unhealthy to withstand the
physically or psychologically challenging effects of ibogaine. Others may
have specific conditions, such as diabetes, which preclude incapacitating
oneis ability to eat. There may soon be a need for the option of a gentler
ibogaine treatment, but there is no information available about what the
experience of such a treatment might be like. I feel the need, therefore,
to test the treatment to be able to tell from experience what the first
treatment candidate can expect.

 At about half 'til noon, I consumed 152 mg of purified total alkaloid
hydrochloride, prepared from Tabernanthe iboga root, as a powder, washing
it down with water. The composition of this alkaloid is approximately 80%
ibogaine, 15% ibogaline, and 5% other alkaloids.
 By 1 PM I feel stimulated, and am hard at work! I don't feel much else.
There is no desire to lie down and no tracers. Why did the shredded root I
took a few years ago, calculated to contain 150 mg of alkaloids, have so
much stronger an effect? Maybe the nasty taste enhanced my expectations?
 At 1:25 PM I suddenly noticed the first audible murmuring from the sound
of traffic. By 1:45 PM I noticed increased sensitivity to sound, mild
chills, and muscular shakiness. Uncommon feelings and ideas come to me, and
I feel happy. I don't feel very hungry, though I haven't eaten since morning.
 By 2:15 there are quite some psychological effects. It is hard to keep
doing busy work! I feel like sitting down and meditating or letting my mind
 It is 3:35 PM and things haven't changed much. I can't concentrate well at
all, and I'm easily distracted, and this is making it hard to get things
done. Meditation was more comfortable, and produced some interesting
feelings. At 4:10 PM the emotional distraction effect doesn't seem as
forceful. In general I seem to be coming down a bit. I divided my lunch
into two parts, so as not to overdo anything! - and enjoyed eating and felt
fine. There seems to be some diuretic action, but pupils aren't noticeably
dilated. At 5:26 PM I noticed the first tracer. It's 10:06 PM and the
effects are droning on quietly. I'm tired but not sleepy. I notice mild
tracers in my peripheral vision.

 It took a few hours to fall asleep, but I got six hours, and I feel good
now at 10 AM. I don't feel much effect from the ibogaine left. Even the
tracers are gone.
 At 10:38 AM I took the next 151 mg as a powder washed down with orange
juice. Just returned from shopping at 11:30 AM. Things looked a little more
intense than usual, but in an awareness way rather than visual brightness.
I feel healthy and positive, like at the one hour point yesterday. It seems
like I'm more in the moment, and I don't feel impaired at all! It's too bad
the methyl has to come off of the ibogaine.
 By 2 PM the effects feel pretty much the same as yesterday. I am easily
distracted and have some moments of forgetting. I'm spending most of my
time staring off into space! I've been thinking a lot about what to do with
my life. I drift off to places that seem really subtle once I come back
from them, but they are often very twisted and sometimes emotionally charged.

 At 5:14 PM there is the first hint of tracers returning. By 10:26 PM I am
able to concentrate much better, finally! I don't feel the effects as much,
but see a few tracers.

 I slept only three hours last night, and the rest of the time was occupied
with vague anxiety and worry. It was draining and uncomfortable. I feel
rather beaten down today,
 At 10:15 AM another 150 mg dose of alkaloids was taken on an empty
stomach. On the first two days the doses were taken on a full stomach. The
effects are much quicker. It is 11:48 AM, and I am already feeling the peak
effect. It seems I started feeling the effects half an hour ago. I even
feel a little nausea, eating breakfast now!
 It is 2:45 PM and I am getting ready to leave until tomorrow night, in
about an hour. I had to lie down for an hour or so, but I'm now starting to
recuperate. There is the usual melancholy cloud that keeps me from feeling
really happy.
 At 3 PM I suddenly find out that today is Thursday, not Friday! How many
days have I been off? My sense of time is weird!
 At only 5:37 PM I'm feeling much better, and there are much fewer effects
from the alkaloids than expected. I have felt very slow and gentle today,
and I am relearning to enjoy the present moment. The tracers are returning.
 I'm still doing well by 8:46 PM. I'm surprised how clear my mind is. I can
think and type again at almost full speed! There must be some tolerance
developing (at last!).

 At 10:30 AM I took 150 mg of a different batch of purified total alkaloids
- the original batch was unavailable for today - on a full stomach. Sleep
was very light and restless last night also, and I kept waking up to clear
my mind. So far today I have felt drained but there isn't much effect from
yesterday's ibogaine.
 By 1:45 PM the effect is a little milder than what I remember from the
first few days. I have forgetting spells every ten minutes or so, and I
feel a little jittery. My whole body feels different inside. I'm feeling
pretty good today.

 I wasn't able to take the ibogaine until 5:25 PM. There were a lot of
tracers (it was dark) but no problems. It seems like I've tied a lot of
loose ends in my belief system in the last week! It feels really different
- Happy, and I don't know how much of that feeling is from ibogaine. It is
9:30 PM right now and I seem to be able to think pretty clearly.

 The 150 mg dose was taken at 10:40 AM. Sleep last night was impossible
until about 7 AM. I kept going over and over again the secret to
enlightenment. At 9 PM I am tired and ready to go sleep. The effects of the
ibogaine were mild today.

 Finally the seventh dose of 150 mg, taken at 9:32 AM. This has been a
grueling but fantastic week. I'm feeling pretty stimulated at 12:24 PM. I
feel a little shaky but clear headed, and little nausea. By 1:16 PM I am
getting easily distracted. This and the stimulation are the only effects.
 At 6 PM I am getting a lot of tracers. I still feel stimulated but am less
shaky. I feel almost hyper active. By 9:45 PM I am getting sleepy, and
there are still tracers. I feel less stimulation in my chest and abdomen.

 At last I am finished! I feel good today, a little tired but very
positive. When I turned out the light last night to go to bed I noticed a
blue flicker afterwards. I think the reason I don't always see this flicker
is that the time interval between turning out the light and the flicker is
rarely long enough for me to distinguish the two. There were some tracers
this morning, but they quickly went away. Right now (1:05 PM) I feel hungry
(no more anorexia!) and clear headed. I feel like a different person than
before this week, but I have changed my understanding of myself and reality
greatly. I therefore don't know how much influence the ibogaine may still
be having.
 At 5:30 PM as it gets darker there is a hint of tracers coming back. I
feel tense like I've had too much caffeine, but it feels like something
psychological which I can't identify. I'm frustrated that I can't remember
my connection with God as clearly as I did a few days ago, but I'm still
thankful for the understanding I've retained. At 11:!5 PM I feel depressed
and very sleepy.

 I slept about ten or eleven hours last night, and felt very tired after
waking up. It was also very difficult to achieve an orgasm yesterday, as it
had been during the week of taking ibogaine. Other than that I don't see
any after effects. The depression from yesterday is gone today.

Wednesday, one week later
 I havenit experienced any significant withdrawal or after effects since
ceasing to take ibogaine. As of today some of the feelings I had during the
ibogaine trip have gone, but most of the precious self-understanding
remains. The portion of the understanding which depends on certain
perspectives or feelings returns when I can see or feel from the required
perspective. I will never know how much of the very positive change which
has taken place in my life recently is due to the ibogaine, and how much is
the fruit of my many previous years of difficult learning. The week-long
treatment was physically and emotionally challenging, but also very
rewarding, and I believe it has potential for those who are prepared and
determined to halt an addiction and who canit physically afford to take a
single dose due to the physical incapacity and inability to eat which
results. The treatment is still experimental, mostly because I had no drug
addiction whose interruption could be tested. The effectiveness of this
method of treating addiction has yet to be determined.