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Subject: Using Ibogaine

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>How about something
>viable,such as sharing info.on how to obtain and use this >substance..


I can't tell you where to get Ibogaine but, it is quite simple to use.  What
complicates its administration is moving it into the research environment
where all kinds of testing of the patient becomes a necessity of the research

One warning.  The effects of Ibogaine are strenuous and I would not
administer it to persons with heard conditions or significant
gastrointestinal disorders (Chron's disease for instance).

First, make sure you are well rested before taking Ibogaine as the substance
will keep you awake for anywhere from one to three days.

Second, don't move around after you take Ibogaine for at least four hours.
 Ibogaine related nausea is caused in many instances by motion (walking or
even talking) and you don't want to wind up throwing up your impossible to
come by dose.

Ibogaine comes on in three distinct phases.  Phase one for many but not all
persons consists of the visualization period that is similar to many ways in
dreaming.  This will usually last three to six hours.

The second phase is on of intellectual evaluation and that may last anywhere
from eight to twenty hours.

The third phase, the most exhausting, is one of residual stimulation which
may keep you awake for as long as three days, generally two days.  You will
be tired.  I would suggest that you do not take any sedatives for at least 24
hours and if you can hang in and not use sedatives for 36 or 48 hours, all
the better.

The first sign that Ibogaine is coming on is for many a loud buzzing noise.
 Just think of it as the door opening.  Ibogaine comes on in waves.  Don't
panic.  Each wave should bring interesting information to you.  You know all
of the questions and you know all of the answers.  Ibogaine simply allows you
to be aware of what you know.

HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU.  During the first 8 to 20 hours Ibogaine may and most
likely will have an ataxic effect.  You will walk with difficulty as if you
were drunk.   A friend should be there to help you get to the bathroom or to
get you something to drink if you wish.  Most people do not eat or drink
during the first 24 to 48 hours.  Others do.  Most people will want simple
foods.  My own preference and remember everyone is different, was to want a
fresh made thin vegetable broth.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic, relax and enjoy the

In terms of effects.  You will notice narcotic withdrawal signs disappear
within one hours after taking Ibogaine.  Ibogaine should be taken in the
morning or upon waking when you would normally take your wake up heroin or
your daily dose of methadone. And, on an empty stomach.  Do not use
phenothiazine drugs as they may impede Ibogaine effects.

The effects of Ibogaine that we are looking for will make themselves obvious
after you are able to sleep and then wake after the Ibogaine has completed
its activity.  These effects include a sense of well being  signs of narcotic

Though the list seems to have come to life on the issue of overreaction to
marijuana effects by myself and another list member. I am certainly glad to
see it come to life and hope the information I have provided on Ibogaine use
will be of help.

If you have specific questions I will be glad to answer them.