Date: 27 Jul 1997 21:44:10 -0000
From: Chris Jenks <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Ibogaine T-Shirts

  Dear Everyone,

  An ibogaine T-Shirt bearing the structure of ibogaine above the words:

  Experimental use in the treatment of addiction.

  is available from a company called:

Purely Akademic
150 Bonview St.
San Francisco, CA 94110-5147
Voice: (800) 222-2325
Fax: (415) 641-4943

  According to the 1996 catalog, the first shirt costs $15, the second
costs $12, and each one thereafter costs $10.
  Please note that I am not affiliated with Purely Akademic. I'm just a
happy customer.

                                    - Chris