Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 06:08:22 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: FWD indra analysis


Marko had tried to send analysis information on the indra product but, states
there are problems with U.S. servers during this time of year and asked me to
provide the analysis he received.  This will be found below.  One comment I
will make is that is provides the content of ibogaine base but, I am
uncertain if it has taken into account other iboga alkaloids which might
double the percentage.

                                          ORIGINAL MESSAGE

Indra has sent me several samples of his product, which I forwarded to a lab
which has a lot of practice determining Ibogaine. Here are results (from the
same lab):

Iboga Extract from Indra #1:    Ibogaine base   8,52%
Iboga Extract from Indra #2:    Ibogaine base   7,86%

You can notice that content of Ibogaine base is different for 2 samples
which were taken from "the same pot".  If this samples were taken from the
top of the pot, the question appears: how much Ibogaine base contain samples
from the middle of the pot, or from the bottom?

My opinion is that Indra's Extract can be compared to roots or rootbark; you
never know how much of Ibogaine you get in them.

I have another Indra's sample which I'll eat in January, to compare it's
effect to Ibogaine HCl.

Does anyone has comments on these lab results? (By the way, I'm expecting
more results from another lab)


Yes, check for total alkaloids.  To INDRA, the HCl is far more stable than
the base.
Also, I think that the ibogaine content is between 2 and 3 times the potency
of root bark depending on the particular product.