Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 00:00:38 EST
From: JEMAC2U <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re:   Healing Visions

I have been hesitant to share my experience in St. Kitts for good reason.
However, I think it important that I share a few things with potential
ibogaine users.  I was told ibogaine was not a hallucinogen and that a person
is emotionally detached from the visions.  I was also told that ibogaine
allows most people to review their past and specific events that led a person
to self-medicate.  I was also told that it was completely safe.  I was also
told that there was a 100% success rate with alcoholics.

I definitely did my share of experimenting with LSD.  Ibogaine is so much
stronger than LSD I can't even begin to describe it.  It is most definitely a
hallucinogen times one million.  No one I talked to was emotionally detached
from their visions - and the visions can be excruciating (eg. God hates you,
you are being crucified, sexually molested, etc., etc.).  I never "reviewed"
my past.  Neither did most of the people who were treated with me.  In fact,
the visions were often just horrific and had no bearing on the person's life.
However, well-meaning counselors were bent on interpreting the visions and
making people believe "things" had happened in their pasts.  After taking
ibogaine, almost all motor skills are lost.  The neuromuscular system is
definitely "attacked".  Vision, hearing, breathing, excretion - all systems
are affected and the symptoms take some time to wear off.  Within two days of
taking ibogaine, I craved alcohol.  I am fighting the cravings with sheer
willpower which is where I was before I took ibogaine.  I will say that I have
talked to other alcoholics who found ibogaine successful.  And I witnessed
that ibogaine cuts off detox for those on methadone and heroin.  However, the
heroin addicts said they were very unsure whether or not they would do heroin
again.  It was a unanimous decision that none of us would ever do ibogaine

Having said these things, I do not think that ibogaine is incapable of great
things.  My feeling is that given the proper dose under the proper
circumstances, it may achieve a much different effect.  But before you spend
every last dime (as I did), be informed.  I never found this kind of
information on the internet.  So, I do my part in case there is someone out
there like me who may be sitting on the fence.  My experience and my honesty
compel me.

p.s.  A friend of mine who has no addictions received treatment at the same
time I did.  This friend has suffered severe diarrhea for over a week.  I,
myself, am suffering the opposite problem.  We are both becoming worried as
one can't help but remind themselves of the young woman who died 22 days after
ibogaine of an intestinal blockage.  If anyone has information that would calm
our nerves, it would be greatly appreciated.