Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 22:08:26 EST
From: george boyer <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re: Report of Mind States Conference

Well, for what it's worth - Twenty years ago I forced myself to abruptly
stop smoking tobacco (cigarette habit mostly).  I made it stick with the
help of a ploy:  once each evening I allowed myself ONE toke of grass
which I took by placing just enough weed on the screen of a pipe to be
completely burned and inhaled in one inhalation under a match.  I've
forgotten how long that went on (several months I guess) but I remained
tobacco free and weed free too.  These days I would willingly smoke a
bit of good weed (esp in Amsterdam which I visited last month) but it
would be the worst folly imaginable with my emphysematous lungs.  And I
would rather cut off my hand than smoke another cigarette. George Boyer. wrote:
> In a message dated, Tue, Nov 25, 1997 12:42 EDT,
> (Chris Jenks) writes:
> >  Dan Joy, a vocal protagonist of cannabis, said during his >lecture that he
> >was told by heroin users that cannabis would eliminate >withdrawal. This
> >corroborates what Kalbe posted earlier about "stoning" his >patients (not
> >with rocks, he insisted! ;->)). Does anyone have any comments >about this? I
> >don't understand why, if this works, it isn't discussed.
> DH wrote in response:
> >so, It never eliminated my withdrawl, thats fer sure, nor have >I heard
> >anything
> >to corroborate this idea from the many, many addicts who I >have kicked
> >with,
> <seen kicking, or discussed kicking with. But I am all ears.
> My answer would be principally the same though I know my marijuana proponent
> colleagues will disagree. I have not found marijuana significant in reducing
> narcotic withdrawal effects.  Modest, possibly - significant:  Not.
> Howard