Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 19:58:11 EST
From: Chris Jenks <>
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Subject: Exploring ALL Possibilities

  Dear Everyone,

  The following news was posted just now on the Methadone list, and I would
like you all to consider this also - especially those of you who live near
Massachusetts. Between this (which some will consider a long shot) and the
recent amazing article about an American treated successfully with heantos,
things have been moving along nicely lately! If anyone visits Yefim for
treatment, PLEASE post your experience here, whether he is able to help or
not. Otherwise either I will keep wondering, or a fantastic healer will go

             Best Wishes,


Human Healer
Tuesday September 30th, 1997
Yefim Shubentsov is a simple Russian Immigrant.  He's not a guru or a Doctor,
but thousands of people swear this man is a miracle worker.  From alcoholism
to cigarettes, this healer claims to have a 98% success rate treating

With a wave of his hands and a sound similar to a sneeze, the healer called
Yefim is said to be able to erase in just minutes the bad habits people have
formed over a lifetime.  "I can remove desire, I can erase in your mind
whatever you want."

In his thick Russian accent, Yefim insists that one 3 hour session in his
Brookline, Massachusetts classroom will cure anyone of what ails them:
 Overeating, smoking, phobias, even chronic pain.  He does it all with words
and his hands...but the hands never actually touch you!

Mary Sicord lost 50 pounds after a visit to Yefim:  "He has this power within
his body to erase from my brain, my psyche, these particular foods that were
a weakness for me."  The healer also helped chef Robin Holey kick his 40
year, pack-a-day smoking habit:  "He sort of radiates an energy through his
hands, almost like a magician."

Yefim claims there's nothing mystical about his method...he credits a science
called bio-energetics.  He says he is able to physically manipulate the
invisible electric force field that surrounds every person's body...he says
he can even transform the energy in the brain back to it's original form, the
way it existed before person became addicted.  "I can feel it physically, so
I give a more strong signal back."

Even Harvard University has studied Yefim, and they say that although they
can't figure out how his methods work...they seem to have consistent results.
 EXTRA put Yefim to the test ourselves, sending Amy Cohen (a self professed
smoker and cynic) in for a session.  Amazingly, Amy claims to have been cured
of her smoking addiction after one 3-hour session!

Additionally, Yefim isn't in it for the money.  He charges $65 for the first
session and if your cravings or fears return, he'll see you again for free -
as many times as you need.  You can contact Yefim's office at (617) 232-3930.

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