Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:24:33 EST
From: Nick Sandberg <>
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Subject: Re: FWD from the net wrote:
> List,
> The following message has appeared on a number of drug related newsgroups.
> Does anyone have knowledge of this product or better yet, in countries where
> it may not be restricted has the subjstance been tested?  Possibly, some U.S.
> researcher with an interest might obtain a DEA import permit that is required
> in the United States, to test the material offered.
> Howard
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> Subject: Iboga extract available
> From: Gekko <A HREF=""></A>
> Date: Mon, 15 November 1999 05:32 PM EST
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> We would like to inform anyone interested that we now have extract of
> Tabernanthe iboga available. This herb is usually not very easy to find.
> We are interested in getting in contact with others who are doing drug
> rehabilitation programmes using psychedelic herbs (contact us on
> or
> Dry, standardised extract of Tabernanthe iboga rootbark. 5 x extract,
> i.e. 1 gram of extract corresponds to 5 grams of dried root bark. The
> alkaloid profile is true to the original plant material.
> Iboga roots have traditionally been used as a spiritual entheogen in
> Western Africa, where it is used in religious cults and rituals. One of
> its special qualities is the opening of ancestral memories and many
> people have reevaluated their entire line of experiences in this life.
> In smaller doses the iboga rootbark functions as a stimulant and
> aphrodisiac.
> Ibogaine, the main alkaloid in the root bark is receiving considerable
> attention in medical and biological research. One of the main reasons is
> the possible practical application of ibogaine in the treatment of drug
> addictions (heroin, cocaine and alcohol). This seems to be partly due to
> the ability of ibogaine to make changes in the chemistry of the brain
> synapses. These changes can directly eliminate or reduce dependency to
> addictive substances. However, psychotherapy may also be necessary in
> connection to the ibogaine sessions to effectively break drug
> dependency.
> The extract we offer is superior to crystalline ibogaine and raw root
> bark for several reasons:
> The extract contains all the alkaloids of the root bark. The natural mix
> of alkaloids leads to a smoother experience than pure, crystalline
> ibogaine and reduces the nausea often experienced with pure ibogaine. We
> also believe that some yet, unidentified ingredients in the root bark
> seem to inform the body about where to send the alkaloids, thus reducing
> dosage requirements.
> Raw root bark contains varying amounts of the alkaloids, making precise
> dosage difficult. The standardised extract is not subject to such
> variations.
> Dosage and effects of the standardised extract:
> 0,5 1 gram: Mainly stimulant and aphrodisiac properties. Little or no
> visual imagery. This is a valuable experience in itself. For those who
> wish to use the extract for treating drug dependency this small dosage
> is also appropriate for testing for possible allergic reactions and
> other undesirable effects. Thus it is possible to screen out individuals
> for whom larger dosages may not be appropriate.
> 1 3 grams: Mellow euphoric trip with possibilities for visual imagery,
> visualisations, access to genetic memory and materials from the
> "collective unconscious", dissolution of space-time restrictions and
> reintegration of consciousness.
> 3-6 grams: Maximum safe dosage range. Possibilities for near-death
> experiences and other deep spiritual experiences resulting in a basic
> reorientation of consciousness.
> We offer this material as a research tool. Set and setting are always
> crucial to the outcome of any sessions with entheogens. We cannot
> endorse the use of these substances without proper supervision. There is
> a lot of relevant information to be found on the many ibogaine pages on
> the Internet. We hope that further research will provide guidelines on
> how to use this material for the benefit of all human beings.
> You can find more information on our web site:
> Gekko

Hi Howard,

Posted this below about this stuff to euro ibo-persons.

PS - Does anyone have contact dets for G? I need to speak to her
urgent. Thanks. Nick


Recently came across iboga source some of you might not be familiar
with. I've met the guy who originally made it up and it sounds OK.

It's whole rootbark extract, made in 1983 for some part of the Danish
Gov. They decided to shelf it and it's now in the hands of some
Kristiania ibogaine people called Indra.

About 5g of rootbark gave 1g of extract, and they have about 60kg of the
stuff! Apparently, it's maturing well and is still very effective. They
estimate gram for gram you need 1.5-2.0 times as much as the HCl. But
it's supposed to be much smoother, and MUCH cheaper, at about DM30/g,
(US$15/g), for reasonable quantities!!

I've got a sample which I'm hoping to test in a couple of weeks. If it's
good, this could be very interesting as they have enough to do about
40,000 junkies on the cheap!

Check out for further details.
I think you have to go into products then t. iboga.


Nick Sandberg