Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 19:43:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Claude de Contrecoeur <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: "Demerol baby"

> Your suggestions as to Ibogaine resetting endorphin levels as yet have not
>> been published.  I cannot provide exact information but, I have received
>> communications that Ibogaine-like substances are found to be higher in
>> detoxing patients.  These are natural Ibogaine-like substances. 
>Referring to pinoline & 10-methoxyharmalan, etc? Fascinating
>work....must be very difficult to measure in vivo....

A German researcher(I forgot his name)has demonstrated that Harman(if my
memory is correct) is an endogenous MAO inhibitor.I was briefly in contact
with him concerning a different topic.

>>(Sigh) I used to joke that I was a demerol baby. It's really no joke
>since it's quite possible that dosing the fetus with a narcotic
>analgesic during labor could have lifelong effects....(e.g. see "Beyond
>the Brain", Stanislas Grof)

Hmmm? Similar comment as my late brother!

>Also, your comments on GHB -  My experience has been that ghb does not
>relieve the full withdrawal syndrome.

But at what dosage?

The Italians have reported suppression of symptoms with a dosage of about 2
gr each 3 or 4 hours,for the first 2 or 3 days,then each 6 hours,the
treatment being about 8 days(all this from memory!).

By the way now I remember that my brother would spontaneously use Gamma-OH
to go out of heroin! I had never paid attention to that until today!
Then he would be free of heroin for 6 to 8 months or so then start again a
heroin cycle followed by gamma-hydroxybutyrate,and so on.
Is this cyclical interest in opiates normal for opiate addicts??

Now Gamma-OH is an approved medicine in Italy against alcohol addiction.I
did not follow what happened in the opiate field(as I have never been much
interested in this field of research)?