Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:28:39 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: My  (Kev's)  subsequent Ibogaine doses

Sara said "why should you look for a new friend if you trust this one?"

Well that was just a little joke, I've known this guy for over 15 years.

Well, I've taken several more small doses (sometimes 1/6) and sometimes (1/3) over the past three days.  I spaced out these doses to be about 12 hours apart.  Well, I have to say, this is been the easiest withdrawal I've ever had.  Its Saturday morning now, and I really don't feel that bad, I might even venture to go---OUTSIDE! (something I would never had contemplated so early with previous withdrawals.

I also used some clonodine and a little valium (to sleep) but I have used these before for withdrawals and still felt very uncomfortable, it was obviously the Ibogaine that made it easy this time. 

While I didn't get the "full" Ibogaine experience, I did see some pretty cool stuff.  The light trails were wild, especially when I would look at the Christmas tree lights.  I also did some soul searching, much thinking about my imperfect parents -you know- the usual stuff.  Last night was probably the most emotional night of them all as I saw in bed crying (which I haven't done in a LONG time) and didn't even know why.  Probably because I realized how the past 3 years of my life were so wasted. 

Anyway, I'm probably rambling now, so I'll leave you with a simple "have a blessed life."


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