Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 06:40:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: rosaphil <>
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Subject: wellbutrin

there are anecdotal accounts popping up in bipolar circles (nudge)
about wellbutrin cutting the craving for speedballs (heroin and cocaine
cocktails injected) cold.

worth looking into. good luck all. beware wellbutrin does lower
epilepsey or convulsion or whatever thresholds. but only rarely.

i'm on a low dose and it does cut suicidal ideation and perseveration
quite a bit. it also makes me very sleepy at nite, so a boon to me when
the tegretol and klonopin doesn't cover over the goffeee. also my
craving for 7 cups of coffee has been lowered to just one or two
cups--once in the am and once with lunch. and i have temporal lobe
epilepsey as a secondary dx and no fits yet. haven't even forgotten my
hat, but words are slipping--forget words for somethings temporarily,
and the reverses in my typing comes more often.

just thought you'd all like to know. better living thru better living.

gardening is also a great antidote to drug addiction. as are pets--dogs
and cats. anyone wanna adopt a puppy? if so, email me.

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