Date: Tue,  3 Feb 1998 04:17:06 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Requested posting

Dear list,

I was asked to post the following message to the list and will do so.  I have
no ability to determine the validity of the statements presented and any
further information from others would be appreciated.

12/14/97 - Tried 1 oz of Voacanga extract - after alcohol wears off, mild
feeling of stimulation, slept normally, nice dreams........

1/20/98 - 3 oz. Voacanga extract - Sleepiness from alcohol leads to nap 1
1/2 hrs - upon wakening colors seem somewhat brighter. No motion sickness
(went for walk)...energized feeling but no imagery, no feeling of
intoxication. Sleepy as usual at night - slept well with many intense
dreams, feel normal the next day - craving for intoxicants attenuated

Evaporated 1 oz of extract....residue was less than 200 mg.

NB: Voacangine is not ibogaine - One cannot expect this extract to be the
same as T. iboga qualitatively, but there should be some similarity in
effects. Also, BH refuses to disclose how much voacanga root is extracted
per ounce of liquid. My feeling is the actual amount used is very small,
and to get a useful amount one would have to boil down at least a half
gallon to a gallon of this extract. Simply evaporating the liquid yields a
very small amount of residue, demonstrating the extremely dilute nature of
this material.
In other words, it's a total waste of time to buy this extract & expect to
be able to use it as a substitute for ibogaine. Unless they were willing to
sell the root itself so one could approximate the correct dosage (which of
course they won't), you'll never be able to get enough from the extract.
If anyone on the list knows of a source of either voacangine HCl or V.
africana root, please post it. Thank you kindly................
This has been confirmed by several tests. The funny part is they suggest a
dose of 10-15 drops on the bottle!
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