Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:25:15 EST
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Subject: ibogaine production technologies (discussion)

The following notes should be considered as discussions/concepts and not
complete production technologies.

Purification of ibogaine from the total alkaloids.

The total alkaloids from the extraction step is dissolved in ethyl acetate
(minimum) and treated with norite, filtered and evaporated to dryness.  The
residue is dissolved in hot ethanol.  After chilling for two or three days,
the crude ibogaine is filtered and the filtrate is evaporated to half volume,
chilled for one day and a second crop of ibogaine is collected.

The crude ibogaine is recrystallized from ethanol.  This product is dissolved
in toluene and filtered through three times its weight of neutral alumina
(activity 1), and the column washed with toluene.  Evaporation of the solvent
crystallization of the residue from ethanol yields a pure sample of ibogaine.

Ibogaine hydrochloride

To a stirred solution of ibogaine in minimum acetone is added aqueous HCl
(1:1) dropwise (excess).  The crystalline ibogaine hydrochloride separates
immediately.  The product is filtered and washed with acetone.  It is
recrystallized from ethanol yielding a white salt.

Transformation of voacangine into ibogaine

Voacangine is 16-carbomethoxy ibogaine.  It can be converted into ibogaine by
saponification and hydrolyses.

Voacangine is dissolved in a minimum of 60% EtOH.  5 equivalents of KOH are
added to this solution, and the mixture is refluxed for 6 or 8  hours.
Evaporate the ethanol under vacuum and additional of 5N HCl at 0 degrees C.
until the solution is acid (pH 1) gives a clear solution of voacanginic acid.
This acid solution is warmed on a steam bath (or reflux) for 1 hour.  It is
made basic with ammonium hydroxide, and extracted with methylene chloride.
This solution is washed with brine, water, dried on magnesium sulfate and
evaporated under vacuum to dryness.  The residue is recrystallized from
ethanol yielding pure ibogaine, about 95% yield.

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