Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 01:08:59 EST
From: CheezEase <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Source of T. iboga extract...

I have come across a source of Tabernanthe iboga extract.  I am not sure of
the actual legalities of a simple plant extract.  Well, nevermind, I think the
plant itself is illegal in the "land of the free", right?
Ah well.
Then this is for *entertainment* purposes only.
There is an entheobotanical business located in Germany, called Elixier.
They have a huge catalog of books, tape, videos, plants, seeds,
However, their catalog is in the German language only.  Also, so is their web
page, but the web site is supposed to be tuned up to English also soon enough.
Anyhow, here's their page:

I have spoken several times with the operators of the company, and can vouch
for them very highly.  They sell T. iboga extract, and many other extracts.
I'm sure glad I had a few years of German in high school.
Good luck, be well.

-Rev. MeO