Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 02:28:40 EST
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Subject: Use of botanical iboga products and extracts

List and all,

>I have recently acquired "X" grams of ibo root powder from >Africa and would
>like your opinion on the dosage.  I am a little confused >because I have
>been told a few different things.

>First I was told to take no more than 30g or it would be too >dangerous.
>Fine, then a person from the group in France said that up to >80g was fine,
>then the person I received it from went backwards and said >don't take any
>more than 2gms each within an hour period building up slowly.  >The person
>from Africa sold me root powder - the person from France >was selling bark
>root shavings.  Somehow I don't think the shavings are as >strong, but would
>like your opinion on both types and their strength compared to >the ibo

First, I would have more faith in the person who sold me the powder than one
who didn't.  The root bark is from a botanical and the strength of the
alkaloid content of the plant has been known to vary from less than 1% to as
high as 6% and  have even heard of potency as high as 8%.  The supplies I
have received (not from your suppliers were between 1% and 3%). 

The root is eaten over time in Africa as large amounts are needed and the
bitterness causes vomiting.  Also as there is an adequate supply, the Nganga
and/or mother and father of iboga can watch over the initiate to determine
exact effects they are attempting to obtain.  If you have not read the
Fernandez chapter on the Ibogaine Dossier, you should do so
( Also, review other postings
concerning experiences with Iboga that may have been posted to this list.

If you were to use an extract I presume it is one you would make from the
root bark.  My own home brew recipe is to place the bark in a jar, add water
to cover by about an inch over the bark, add a glass of red wine, squeeze in
a half to a full lemon, shake vigorously 4 or more times a day for 4 or 5
days.  Then simmer slowly until the alcohol content would be boiled off, let
sit overnight and then it is ready.  If you want to make sure you have all of
the content you can drink the extract and take the remnant root bark as well.
 Ibogaine in the plant is a base alkaloid that is not very soluble in water
and that is why I add the wine and lemon juice.  The alcohol in the wine will
begin  to extract the base alkaloid while the acids in the wine and the lemon
will begin to convert the Ibogaine into water soluble salts.  The final
simmering will I hope get most of the Ibogaine out of the root in one form or
another.  It is personal to me but, I do not like the effect of Ibogaine and
alcohol in combination or I would not hesitate to add another half glass of
wine after simmer, cover the mixture and leave it overnight as previously
suggested.  As some of you may notice my recipe changes from time to time as
does my cooking.  A little of this, a little of that but, basically the bread
is made.

It is important to feel comfortable in what you are doing and not to fear

My first suggestion is that you take the Ibogaine upon waking as the
substance has a strong stimulant effect and you might as well be as rested as
possible.  Ibogaine has been shown to have more potent effects on women. It
produces higher blood plasma concentrations in females than in males
(possibly in humans and other animal species) and the greater the dose the
greater the disparity between the plasma levels between the sexes appears to

Since you have an unknown botanical substance, my suggestion is
experimentation beginning with your producing an extract from 5 grams of the
root bark powder and setting the remaining quantity of powder away until you
make a determination as to effect.  The extract will act more quickly than
the powder, possibly in half the time.  Let us say anywhere from 30 minutes
to 2 hours where the root bark may take 2 hours to 4 hours to become fully
active and the length of the experience will also be prolonged due to the
rate of absorption by your body.  Do not take a second large dose for at
least 7 days.

Getting back to the tea, strain the tea through a cloth, squeezing the root
bark remnant to get out all of the liquid.  You might taste the remaining
bark both before and after you make the tea to compare the bitterness and
this will give you some idea of how well your extraction process went.

Based on my experience, a full blown Bwiti/therapeutic experience will be one
that will have you by your own volition, lay down, close your eyes and begin
to visualize.  It may take up to 4 hours for this to begin to happen.  The
visualization, if it occurs and it does not occur in all persons, may last
from 8 to 12 hours with the crude material.  With purified Ibogaine it
generally last between 3 and 4 hours.

With a full dose, the visualization phase if it occurs will be followed by
the cognitive evaluation or thinking phase and may last for another 20 hours
more or less.  So much is dependent on absorption and the individual
biochemistry relating to metabolism of the individual taking the
Iboga/Ibogaine. (

Considering that your 5 gram experiment will be modest in effect, though one
never knows, you will probably not experience visualization but, may enter
the cognitive evaluation stage but, this will be of shorter duration than
with the full stage.  Also, do not be disturbed if what appear to be light
trails or exploding star-like magnesium flares are seen here and there.  With
the crude extracts these effects may last in a minor manner for as long as 7
days but, will if they occur at the lower dose be gone in 2 to 4 days.

Most likely you will find the effects to be stimulant and to give you a sense
of well being.  Reports of experiences will be appreciated by myself and the

I am very curious as to what will occur so please to anyone who takes iboga
get back to me with a full description of your initial experience.  You can
add sugar or honey to the extract to cut into the bitterness if you wish and
it should be taken on an empty stomach.  Nausea due to Iboga/Ibogaine is
motion related as well as central, so once taken, remain as still as possible
for at least 2-1/2 hours as you do not want to vomit and waste what you have
gone through so much trouble to obtain. 

If you have any further questions prior to proceeding please get back me and
once again, what is the reason you are taking the iboga?  It is a very
important question.

With my love and care for you.  May the Bwiti be with you. I am providing
this to your from my personal experience and for your safety.  Please excuse
the caveat but, I can in no way take responsibility for your actions or
safety or any ramifications of your acts.  Importation into the United
States, Belgium and Switzerland is prohibited for purified Ibogaine.  Iboga
is also prohibited in the U.S as well.  I am uncertain of the status of
importing iboga into other countries and all persons doing so should be aware
of the legal implications involved.

It is best if possible to be with a person experienced with iboga/ibogaine
with whom you feel comfortable.

I am providing this information because I know you will do what you will do
with or without some sense of reason.

Persons with greater knowledge should add to this information.