Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:21:12 EST
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Subject: Anon Ibogaine experience

  Iboga tea:

  Two heaping tablespoons (about 11 grams) of ground whole iboga root,
about the consistency of pencil shavings, were placed into a small pot.
Half a cup of water and the juice from half a lemon were added and the
mixture was simmered for five minutes. The liquid was poured into a cup,
pressing the root to remove excess fluid, and the extraction was repeated
twice more using a quarter cup of water each time and a little more lemon
juice. The tea was quite bitter.
  The first effects were a dizziness and an inability to think clearly or
remember what was just said, and a mechanical murmuring which seemed to
come from the corner of the ceiling whenever there was street noise. After
a while I felt slight nausea and preferred to lie down and found that
pictures in my mind were slightly brighter than usual. I didn't sleep that
night, and must have urinated six times. I felt comfortable and relaxed,
and thought about or reviewed my life and goals in an uncharacteristically
emotional way. The effects reminded me of those of Syrian Rue seeds, but
were longer lived.
  Over the following days I felt strangely introspective, contemplative,
and emotionally receptive. When I finally did sleep, I had three wet dreams
in a row - a record! Tracers were minimal during the day but came back at
night, especially when I awoke in the night, and didn't dissipate
completely for several days. It was good to have a secure environment
because of the increased emotional sensitivity and vulnerability that
lasted several days.

My perception is that, unless the initiate, did not provide a full
description that the dose taken was light as a full therapeutic dose of
iboga/ibogaine will in most cases provide dynamics visualization over a
period of about 4 hours.  Possibly, I may have misunderstood the description.
 Ibogaine visions during the waking dream state are generally intense.