Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:19:06 EST
From: LINDA K S <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Standing on the Edge of Death/Disastour

LK responds to a  post about Ibogaine and stuff:

 3. Be prepared for major NAUSEA!! When used orally, my tolerance is
 about 150 mg. At the 250 mg level I have serious heaves. Harmala is a
 major ingredient of ayhuasca and is responsible for the emesis which
 happens there.

During my Ibogaine Treatment, I didn't even have an upset stomach.  I was so
deep with the Bwiti they wouldn't allow anything but cleansing, chanting,
love, kindness
 and ruthless and I do mean RUTHLESS "Schreeching" of the cancerous part of me
that wants a needle hangling out her arm.  Methadone wasn't even mentioned in
my experience.  Methadone is a *revered* drug for the sick people who need it,
so say the Bwiti.  They want methadone patients to have the JOY of the
LIBERATION  of  BONDAGE to any power greater than we can handle. 

Howard recently told me I was on the highest dose of methadone ...`190mg
daily, HE had ever heard of  before Ibogaine Treatment.  MAYBE that is why my
tired, worn out physicial body is being a sluggard?  How confusing to me.  I
feel as if I stand on the very edge of a life threatening fall, with my toes
over the edge.  I DAMN the person who first shot me up with Heroin, but I DAMN
ME MORE for doing it to MYSELF for the next 2 DECADES.  God, how I wish, I
could just call a physician, explain how I am feeling, and get RELIEF.  If it
came as a Bwiti, or a methadone bottle, or a pill, or WHATEVER, I am feeling
bad, bad, bad.   I want to run back to my clinic, folks, run run.
See Linda?  See Linda Chill? See Linda's Legs Cramp?  See Linda cry?  See
Linda want to hang herself?  ( No noose is good noose in this case, huh;)  See
Linda pick up the phone?  See Linda call a Doctor?  See Linda talk?  See Linda
Cry?  See Linda?  DO YOU SEE ME????  If you do, can you HELP ME?  Bad Daze

LindaKay Hampton-Scott