Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 13:23:00 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: H.S. Lotsof's Ibogaine Questionnaire

Thank you for agreeing to fill in this questionnaire. In Section I: please
simply tick as many (or little) of the possible responses (() for each
sub-heading that you feel accurately describe the effects of your vision
(also feel free to send additional information!). The research is intended to
help clarify how ibogaine visionary experiences may contribute to the healing
process of recovery from addiction;  personal growth; and/or  for therapy:

Section I: Concerning ibogaine visions:

"Other-world" journey:
 ( experience of journey (e.g. through tunnel; stair-case)
 ( feeling of soul leaving body; ( return to 'beginning of time'
 ( arrival in 'other-world' (e.g. Heaven; outer-space; Utopian meadow)
 ( encounters with deceased friends or relatives
 ( encounter with 'supreme-being' (e.g. God; Jesus; Buddha; White-Light)
 ( acquisition of important knowledge from "other-world"

Inner-world journey:
X ( life-review of significant past events; ( 're-live' past events
 recollection of: ( birth; ( primal; ( childhood scenes
X ( feeling of "insight"; ( see past  situations from others point-of view
 ( enactment of fantasies - or change outcome of past events in vision
X tribal ( sexual or aggressive fantasies; ("tribal" images or    sounds
 ( mythological images (e.g. monsters; giants etc.)
 ( emotional involvement  with vision contents

X ( timelessness (e.g. past-present-future as one)
 ( love-peace-acceptance; ( unity with all living things
 X( realisation of meaning of existence
X ( feeling of eternal existence; ( reduced fear of death
X ( transcendental images (e.g. of universe; earth etc.)
 ( future insight (e.g. premonitions)

X ( new found self-responsibility; ( realisation of choice 
 ( spiritual (not necessarily religious) transformation
X ( heightened perception of the world (such as sounds, colours etc.) 
X ( greater intensity in personal relationships
 X( renewed commitment to life; ( feeling of "re-birth";
X ( purification; ( inclination to help others
X( desire to spread new knowledge (e.g. 'spiritual'; anti-drug message)

Section II:
Please give brief answers to the following questions:

Cultural background:
How would you describe your cultural background?
- details you may wish to include are: country of origin; educational
background; religious orientation and beliefs (past or present - if any);
self-described ethnicity etc.

U.S., Jewish, lower middle class, white, BFA, no organized religion, my
religion is between myself, God, universe, totality of all that exists, etc.

Understanding your vision:
How have you come to understand the personal meaning of your visionary
- was it immediately apparent during the vision; did you only arrive at a
meaning while thinking about it retrospectively; did a meaning only emerge in
discussion of you vision with others (e.g. friends; other visionaries; with a
therapist) etc. - please elaborate:

In most cases I understood the meaning of my visions immediately.

Completed questionnaires:
Please return ASAP:
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