Date: Wed,  3 Dec 1997 15:43:57 EST
From: Chris Jenks <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>

At 12:59 AM 12/3/97 EST, Joaquim Tarinas <> wrote:
>  I recently got some Iboga seeds and I'd like to try to grow this african
>plant. [...]

  Dear Joaquim,

  Congratulations! From what I have been told, the seeds take about four
months to sprout, so be very patient. You will recognize the sprouts by the
seed coat which encloses the first two leaves until they force it off. The
seedlings are easy to transplant, and this can make the germination process
easier, such as by planting the seeds close together or even in soil in
which something else is already growing. The temperature should be tropical
(70 to 80 degrees) and humid if possible. I understand that the shrub tends
to grow in clearings, which suggests that they like lots of light, but this
may dehydrate the plants faster too. Be careful with lighting - maybe try
both direct and indirect sunlight and see which the plants prefer. These
plants seem to be pretty hardy.

          Good Luck!

                  - Chris