Date: Tue,  9 Dec 1997 05:23:50 EST
From: Chris Jenks <>
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Subject: Re: Healing Visions

At 12:19 AM 12/4/97 EST, wrote:
>At 03:33 PM 12/3/97 EST, Chris Jenks <> wrote:
>>  Dear Everyone,
>>  Healing Visions provides ibogaine treatment in a hospital. For anyone who
>>would like more information, their number is (888) 426-4286.
>>             - Chris
>Our understanding is that Healing Visions does not provide treatment in a
>hospital.  If they do would you or they please provide the name of the
>hospital and doctor in charge of the program.

  Dear Howard,

  When I wrote the contact information in my original message, the only new
information I had to share was their phone number. I thought I remembered
hospital treatment being mentioned in the recent Miami New Times article,
but when I looked back all I could find was:

  "Today Lotsof and Mash disagree about what happened next, but both say it
marked a change in their relationship. Lotsof maintains he had tried for
years, unsuccessfully, to obtain permission to administer his ibogaine
treatments in Dutch hospitals, where, he says, 24-hour medical supervision
and emergency care would have been available. After the young woman died,
he made the decision to move his treatment to a country where he could
admit his patients to hospitals.
  Mash, however, insists that she suggested the move. At the time, she
explains, a Panamanian doctor doing research in South Florida heard about
her ibogaine research and offered to assist and supervise treatments in his
country so that information about patient doses, vital signs, and medical
well-being could be carefully controlled. She says she instructed Lotsof on
how the Panamanian medical authorities should proceed with the treatment
protocol. Patients began to arrive in Panama in 1994, paying up to $15,500
for a three-day treatment course under medical supervision."

  I guess I assumed that since Dr. Mash thought that providing ibogaine
treatment in a hospital was prudent back then, that she must be doing it
now, but that was my assumption. Unfortunately I don't have any evidence
one way or the other. I apologize for this misunderstanding.

                    - Chris