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Subject: Re: cautiousness with media involvement
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I am an alcoholic.  It absolutely did not work.  As for addicts, I was treated
along with about 10 heroin addicts who also felt that it probably did not work
for them.  We were not allowed to visit much with either other so I have no
idea how to reach those people once they got home.  Addiction is addiction.
Alcoholism is definitely as bad as drug addiction - it's the same thing.  I
paid $10,000 to be treated.  I received SHITTY medical/psychological
attention.  Many addicts have obsessive compulsive disorder.  If you have any
disorder, you don't want to take ibogaine.  Disorders completely fuck up your
"trip".  I was told ibogaine was not a hallucinogen - bullshit.  It's like
acid times one million.  I was also seeking "God in a pill" along with all of
the other entheogen advocates.  I saw God alright - I talked to him.  And I
was so sure it was real.  But it wasn't.  It wasn't an all-loving God.  It was
someone who fucked with me and scared the crap out of me.  Some of the
"addicts" became Jesus Christ and were crucified or had aliens rape them,
etc., etc., etc.  This ibogaine list is wonderful for receiving all the
glorious accounts of life changing experiences.  I have some idea why you
don't hear all the bad stuff - but I'm not completely sure I understand why
more people aren't brave enough to speak up.  I would say that ibogaine has
one claim to fame that I actually witnessed - it does attenuate withdrawal
from heroin.  That is the "window of opportunity" everyone talks about.  But
I've had plenty of windows of opportunity to confront my addiction.  They
didn't work.  The only thing that works is to QUIT.  And everyone knows how
difficult that is.  I spent over a year researching ibogaine.  I left for
treatment knowing how much I hated 12-step groups.  One month after my
treatment, I was on A.A's doorstep.  Ibogaine worked for me for a month - you
know why?  Because it makes you so physically sick you can't even stand the
thought of eating, much less drinking or doing drugs.  The "visions/trip" were
so excruciating I never wanted to be altered again.  I felt I was near death
during the trip because I was having trouble breathing (respiration was not
monitored).  "God" reminded me to breathe.  The embarassment of paying such a
price for a bogus deal.  (I was told there was a 100% success rate with
alcoholics).  Those are the reasons I was able to go a month without a drink.
And believe me, I needed some willpower to even get that much time.  I
understand that there are people who believe ibogaine ended their respective
addictions.  Great!  I would have loved the same results.  But, it didn't work
for me, and it didn't work for anyone else that I personally met who took it.
It didn't "right" my brain chemistry.  I'm on Prozac now.  As a matter of
fact, prescribing antidepressants and the like are part of the "treatment"
with ibogaine.  After you are given ibogaine, you are supposed to follow up
with antidepressants and therapy.  If ibogaine ended addictions, why in the
hell would you need anything after it?!  Think about that.  All I'm saying is
that addictions are TOUGH.  And so far, there is no magic bullet - not even
ibogaine.  So until CREDIBLE test results are in, save your money, go to a
12-step program or some other program, and try to quit that way.  If you
decide to go for it, my prayers are with you, my thoughts are with you, and I
wish you the best of luck.