Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 09:04:07 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re: Ibogaine - Making demands

Dear Ibogaine  List Members:

I had a window of opportunity and I went through it.  I was fortunate enough
(good Karma) to be on the receiving end of the "Gift of Freedom"....Ibogaine.

I will not mention who gave it to me, as that is not my purpose.  My purpose
is to share the joy of drug freedom and to take you through my Ibogaine
Experience.  I am also writing a journal for the Ibogaine Researchers who
work for FREE and spend all of their hard earned PHD'S on Ibogaine Research
and finding a way to mass produce this wonderful drug.

About 3 weeks ago, I was not expecting this Gift.  A knock?  I answered, and
there stood Santa with ONE gift....IBOGAINE.  The Ibogaine was in capsule
form, marked in 240 mg and the rest in 320 mg. to total of 2.5 grams which
was to the T on my body weight.  I was excited and ready to go THEN......I
was very s  l o w  l  y   given all the information My little excited pea
brain could accept.  My husband was on hand to monitor my physical
properties.  My *guide* was there to offer their mental support, along with
taking care of my highly excited emotional well being.

I was able to take notes for the first hour.  They are as follows:

8:55 guide took me to a darkened room, NO lights, and I was told
to remain calm, and to lie down.  A soft piano concerto was playing. 

9:PM.......320 mb Ibogaine taken.  The capsule was emptied and I swallowed
some bitter tasting liquid in a glass of water.  NOT as bitter as methadone,
but what in Ibogaine name IS that bitter?  I was given the 320  mg at first
to see if I would be sensitive to it.  I experienced NO nausea and NO
diarrhea which CAN be side effects, so I was told.

9:05 PM.......beginning to feel effects of Ibogaine.  Reminds me somewhat if
my LSD days, when I first came on to the acid. Sound distortions, trails out
the kazoo, (meaning MANY MANY MANY MANY trails).

9:10  PM.......just went through a series of YAWNS that almost made me pass
out.  I told my guide I wanted to sleep and to finish the Ibogaine in the
morning.  What I DIDN'T tell my guide at that time, my reason for wanting to
finish in the am was so I could go to the ALL MIGHTY CLINIC to receive my
usual 190mg of methadone. 

9:30 PM...... told my guide goodnight and went to sleep( so I thought) but in
actuality I was tripping already....jus didn't know it.

Tuesday morning I was given the remainder 2.5 grams to complete my Ibogaine
Treatment.  About all I remember of this day, was coming in and out of a
tunnel, filled with LOUD chanting and in one corner of my brain there was
someone I called "The Screecher"  who would literally fill my soul with
incredible loud SCHREECHING!!!!

Tuesday evening.......up to the bathroom.......can't hardly walk.......feet
shuffling......trails so incredible I was in the bathroom for hours, fading
in and out of consciousness.

Wednesday........still on my trip......I remember observing all that was
happening to me internally.  I was standing in awe watching these African
people take my brain and Chant MY life long addiction clean.  My brain, my
soul, my literally existence was all given a through cleansing.  My brain
actually shone with a brillance so bright I literally could not look for more
than a few seconds at a time.

Thursday morning........I remember looking at my guide and feeling a bond and
kinship with the other 10 or so people in the world who have had this
The Ibogaine *workers* were all tall, dark people with an intensity that made
their eyes glow with determination.....I never once felt threatened, just
remember feeling very, very CLEAN.......I slep through most of Thursday.

Friday morning I was steady enough on my feet to take a shower without help.
 I was and am amazed I was NOT drug sick.  I looked at my guide and
said..."NO withdrawal"!!!!!!!!!  Guide smiled........

For the next 6 days I saw trails still........they slowly faded until I only
see them occasionally at night..........

I have this to say to all of you.  Howard is RIGHT.  I am not addicted to
methadone.  I had NO severe drug withdrawal....after a 10 year methadone
habit and a 25 year drug dependecny, this is no less than a miracle.  For all
of you who go to the different conferences?  TALK IBOGAINE....BELIEVE
IT......IT WORKS........The only physical problems I am having now is a
severe drop in blood sugars which are causing extreme tiredness.  Marc
Shinderman and my counsler advised me to continue on my anti-depressents.  I
don't want to take ANY drugs, so we will see how I do......

I give my eternal thanks to the God that IS that HE picked me to receive this

MOST of all, I thank all the researchers who must live across the ocean so
they won't be jailed for trying to help US, the addicts......

Linda Kay Scott