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Was this forwarded by G?

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>>Dear Junkie, My woman and I just read your website story about Ibogaine
>>and were mildly amused at having taken it ourselves back in 1993. I
>>found it to be too much like an acid trip and never ended up taking the
>>rest of it. Interesting though that many are finding it useful.

This guy did the sub-visualization level dose. Sounds like nor-ibogaine.

>>      Have you ever heard of Buprenex? I have first hand knowledge of this
>>fantastic drug and rcommend it highly. It is the best detox med I or my
>>woman have ever taken. We injected it into our stomachs twice daily and
>>were off from a 3/4 gram a day habit in about two weeks. There were no
>>major discomforts and for the most part came out of it pretty well
>>intact. They (Methadone lobbyists) have been successful at keeping it
>>off of the market but it will be available here in the states for detox
>>in the spring of 1999 from what I hear from the american distributor:

Is this guy talking about buprenorphin? As formulated to be sold in the
U.S., it will contain trexan, which will not cancell out the opioid effect
if you do it orally, but will cancell it if injected. Good old Herb told me
naltrexan is 100 times more powerful if injected. That would cancell out
the "easiest detox".

>>      Let me reiterate that it is the most unbelieveably easiest detox you
>>will ever experience. It's almost too easy. I kid you not. Most people
>>tell about it don't believe me. Especially the old time junkies. They
>>always think that they have seen and heard it all. I was turned onto it
>>by the singewr for Alice-n-chains. You can get this drug overseas
>>easy but you have to know how. I do.
>>      However I write to you today to find out if you know of any recipes on
>>how to make Laudanum. And if you do not know first hand could you
>>me to someone or somewhere I can. For academic study only. I know that
>>it is illegal and only a fool would break the law so don't worry about
>>me making any of the stuff. If you have more than one recipe send me
>>that you have. Also I have heard of something called Panolin that was
>>supposedly similar to Laudanum. Same thing if there is a recipe let me
>>know. And if there is anything I can help you with I would be glad to
>>      Thanking you ion advance for what you may be able to do for me.
>>                      Yours Truly, J.EYEMIND
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