Date: Fri,  8 Oct 1999 07:43:37 EDT
From: Louis Roggeveen <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Iboga experience (Long time small dosis)

On the next 3 adresses you can read an experience from me with Ibogaine to
stop my medicine addiction, morfinesulfaat retard. This is the first time
I used Ibogaine to stop the morfine addiction. At the moment I am 3 weeks
without morfine for the second time. Also this second time I used
Tabernanthe Iboga Rootbark from Gabon. The report of the second time I
will write as soon as possible. The second time no strange events has
occured, but I also did not feel the withdrawel effects. So I am happy for
the second time:-)). I'm out if Ibogaine now, so I hope I won't get the
pain in my back again:-) so I will stay happy:-))
Ibogaine Report from Humito, Dutch version.
Ibogaine Report from Humito, English translation.
Also the Dutch and English version.

greetz Stony,
 alias Stony Soft, alias Humito
 alias Louis Roggeveen
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