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Source: Xinhua Wire Service
Pubdate: July 17, 1997
      Single Shot Cures Drug Addiction

      Xinhua  : NINGBO (July 16) XINHUA - A
      Chinese doctor has invented a treatment that can help drug
      addicts kick the habit within six to eight hours.

      The treatment, given by injection, was developed Dr. Yang
      Guodong, who first began to work with heroin patients in his
      laboratory in Ningbo, a port city in east China's Zhejiang

      Since June 6, 15 heroin addicts including one from Taiwan have
      overcome drug addition with the new treatment.

      Made from traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, the treatment can
      rapidly dissolve toxic elements in an addict's body. The shot is
      said to be painless, as it puts patients to sleep. The treatment
      does not cause loss of appetite or sleep.

      The invention marks a breakthrough in Dr. Yang's research on
      drug-rehabilitation medicine.

      Yang Guodong's former therapy lasted from six to eight days,
      during which the patient took one shot each day. So far it has
      helped some 6, 000 people overcome their drug addiction.

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