Date: Fri,  5 Dec 1997 12:12:26 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: heantos


I received the following email communication.  Astounding, all the publicity
of success and heantos production is stopped because the inventor is an ex
addict.  It is the Ibogaine story all over again.  Hopefully, both Ibogaine
and heantos will prevail.  Is an effective treatment for heroin addiction as
frightening to the powers that be as it appears?

>In today's newspaper there is a Reuters's picture of Tran >Khuong Dan, who
>invented Heantos. The article says that vietnamese health >authorities
>yesterday prohibited production of this "sensational" drug and >production
>of it. Their decision is based on the fact that he has not >formal medicine
>education. They added that they will continue research, which >is under
>patronage of the state and UN.

>A friend of mine put the picture on:


>This site will be for a week or so, just for you to download it >(or anyone
>else, for there are some roots on the picture - definite not >Iboga