Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 16:56:01 EST
From: keith <>
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Subject: Re: Source of T. iboga extract...

although i did find this under"plants and seeds"

it says 10 grams of roots for 30 bucks or marks?

there is also another german site

that sells the root parts,but i have looked at the extraction process and i
dont feel very confident in carrying it out.maybe i will revert back to the
vocanga extract that you mentioned. i wonder where the legal line is
drawn,if someone could produce an extract that would be legal that would
require a simple chemistry step to produce the desired product,it would be
very popular. Kind of like the GHB kits !

ibogaine kits !


At 6:07 AM -0000 on 12/12/97, CheezEase wrote:

> I have come across a source of Tabernanthe iboga extract.  I am not sure of
> the actual legalities of a simple plant extract.  Well, nevermind, I
>think the
> plant itself is illegal in the "land of the free", right?
> Ah well.
> Then this is for *entertainment* purposes only.
> There is an entheobotanical business located in Germany, called Elixier.
> They have a huge catalog of books, tape, videos, plants, seeds,
> preparations...
> However, their catalog is in the German language only.  Also, so is their web
> page, but the web site is supposed to be tuned up to English also soon
> Anyhow, here's their page:
> I have spoken several times with the operators of the company, and can vouch
> for them very highly.  They sell T. iboga extract, and many other extracts.
> I'm sure glad I had a few years of German in high school.
> Good luck, be well.
> -Rev. MeO