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      Conference Recording - The California Society for Addiction Medicine (10/9/03 and 10/10/03)

      Ibogaine Conference in New York, February 2010 - Please use external links if possible.

      Ibogaine Conference in Barcelona, October 2010 - My slide show

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      Ibogaine Conference in Durban, May 2014 - Only this external archive is available, EXCEPT FOR my slide show (6.9 MB).

      Global Ibogaine Conference in Tepoztlan, Mexico, March 14-16, 2016 - External link, except for my slide show (6.2 MB).

      European Ibogaine Forum 2017 in Vienna, Austria, September 8-10, 2017. My video on YouTube and other presentations.

      European Ibogaine Forum 2018 in Porto, Portugal, December 5-9, 2018. I didn't present this time but here are the YouTube and slide presentations.

      Interview with Dimitri Mugianis on VICE on HBO, segment 2 of episode 7, 13 minutes, broadcast 5/17/13: Streaming or Download (203 MB) - Please use external links for video downloads if possible.

      Ibogaine Bibliography - With a growing archive of the papers themselves in PDF format (mostly pre-1998). You can also download all of them at once.

      The Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA) - Canadian non-profit that provides ibogaine treatment standards and grievance mediation and promotes iboga sustainability.

      Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification Current Version: 1.0 (September 2015)

      The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) - A charity in Barcelona dedicated to the integration of ayahuasca, iboga and other traditional plants as therapeutic tools in modern society and the preservation of the indigenous cultures that have been using them.

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