Miscellaneous files related to ibogaine

A fitness to practice review of Dr. Brackenridge in London in 2011, revolving around his failure to secure a signed form of informed consent for an ibogaine treatment.

An informed consent form for providing ibogaine, supplied by Bob Sisko at the 2012 GITA Conference in Vancouver. The document was last revised on 12/30/11.

An informed consent form for providing ibogaine, from Sandra Karpetas of the Ibogaine Therapy House in Vancouver in 2007.

The US Ibogaine Regulation Timeline as of December 15, 2013, written by Douglas Greene.

A comic explaining the results of the Rat Park study, which uncovers some fundamental misconcenptions underlying Drug War policy. Click the numbers to scroll rather than trying to adjust your browser.

A recommendation om January 14, 2015, to legalize ibogaine for hospital use in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There is a Spanish version on the GITA site, a local copy and a local English translation.

A collection of notes for iboga cultivation from the ICEERS Iboga Sustainability List, version 1, dated April 15, 2015.