Media from the GITA Ibogaine Conference 2012 on
10/1/12 through 10/7/12

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Unfortunately, some of these recordings are incomplete and not all of the presentations recorded were made available for download.

The conference is described here and here is a summary.


  On Tuesday, October 2nd: New Research and Legislation from Around the World

10:30am: Criminalization and Resistance: Canadian Drug Policy, by Susan Boyd, Ph.D
11:00am: Development of an Iboga Clinic in the Far North of New Zealand, by Anah & Cornelius van Dorp
11:30am: Difficulties to be a Supplier of Ibogaine Treatment, by Dr. Miguel Angel Bianucci: PDF and audio.
12:00pm: Lessons from the Awakening in the Dream House, by Rocky and Asha Caravelli
1:30pm: Acute Confusional State After Ibogaine Treatment of Patients on Opiates: About Three Cases, by Dr. Fransisco Lopez Martin (via web): PDF.
2:00pm: Ibogaine research under a positive legislative regime: An observational study of treatment outcomes for opioid dependence in New Zealand, by Geoff Noller, Ph.D (via web): PDF and audio.
2:30pm: Integration: The Missing Link, by John Harrison

  On Wednesday, October 3rd: Sustaining the Legacy of Tabernanthe Iboga

10:00am: The Ibogaine movement and the Iboga culture in Gabon, by Yann Guignon and Dr. Gassita
10:30am: Bwiti Technology in Traditional Practice and in Lay Provision for Addicts: Intention, Confession, Integration, by Robert Bovenga Payne
11:30am: Film: Experience Bwiti: Rennasence of the Healed, by Ben De Loenen
1:30pm: The Vanishing World of Iboga, by Bob Sisko: PDF and audio.
2:00pm: Research on Production of Ibogaine from Voacanga and Iboga, by Chris Jenks, Ph.D: PDF and audio.
2:30pm: Attitude and Approach of Awakening, by Sean Hammond & Steve Dyer
3:00pm: Cob as Community Art for Ibogaine Aftercare, by Dana Jenks: PDF and audio.

  On Thursday, October 4th: New Research and Legislation from Around the World, Cont...

10:00am: Drug Rehabilitation: A Revolution in Therapies, by Dr. Anwar Jeewa: PDF, video and audio.
10:30am: Metabolic Passage: Its Costs and Benefits, by Roman Paskulin, M.D, Ph.D: PDF.
11:00am: Revisioning the Psychodynamics of Opiate Addiction Through the Lenses of Jungian Depth and Fourth Wave Psychologies, by Adrian Auler
11:30am: Photo history & the ibogaine movement at a crossroads, by Boaz Wachtel: PDF and audio.

1:00pm Incorporating GITA, by Jonathan Dickinson; Board of Directors Election

  On Friday, October 5th: Intake, Integration and Safety in Ibogaine Treatments

10:00am: Results of the MAPS Observational Study: Ibogaine in the Treatment of Substance Dependence, by Thomas Kingsley Brown, Ph.D
10:30am: Ibogaine Integration New Zealand – Considerations of Risk and Assessment for Holistic Care, by Tanea Paterson: video and audio.
11:00am: How to prevent sudden cardiac death and relieve fundamental fears: lessons learned from the Iboga initiation ceremony in Gabon, by Uwe Mass & Suster Strubelt
11:30am: Learning from one soul's journey to the other side, by Yashpal Jayne
12:00pm: Treatment dangers and successes, by Juliana Mulligan
1:30pm: Fatalities Temporally Associated with the Ingestion of Ibogaine, by Kenneth Alper, M.D
2:30pm: Safety and Efficacy: Where are we now and where are we going?, by Jeffrey Kamlet, M.D (via web)

  On Saturday, October 6th: The Northwestern Door

1:00-5:00pm: Public Panel Discussion, Segal Room, SFU Harbour Centre, 515, W Hastings St.:

      Clare Wilkins
      Kennith Alper
      Sandra Karpetas
      Tanea Paterson
      Thomas Brown
      Questions and Answers

  On Monday & Tuesday, October 8-9th: Introduction to Providing Ibogaine

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