I see spam as an important problem because it is pervasing and ongoing, it wastes a lot of time and money, causes a lot of bad feelings, makes the internet seem less safe, and the related scams rip people off. Especially frustrating is that the majority of spam is caused by relatively few individuals, and these individuals reap rewards that are much less than the expense that their spam causes. As time passes, spammers become more powerful as they add more compromized computers to their army, and they become more entrenched and shrewd. I hope that individuals will bring spam under control before the government is compelled to do it by placing limits on internet use that we will all have to live under. This web site reviews what I consider the most important tools to mitigate the impact of spam. The tools are broken down as:

       Spam Filters
       Spam Reporting
       Spam Advertized Website Taxing

       Feed lists of bogus e-mail addresses to harvesters (offsite)