Knowing God

   I am just an ordinary person, so why am I writing this? The answer, I believe, is contained in the question - because I am an ordinary person. I have no special claim to God, no special qualification or endorsement which would make me deserve more share of His love or a greater understanding of Him than anyone else has. Yet, apparently because of my persistent asking, God has revealed to me an understanding of Himself which seems to be from an uncommon perspective, one which I hope will help others in clarifying their own perspective. My understanding didn't come out of thin air - it is a compilation of all the stuff I've read, heard, thought about and received insight about, and I owe thanks to many teachers, and of course God. Out of exactly the same love which motivated me to create the rest of this site, I now want to add what I believe is by far its most important feature - a way of looking at everything which I believe may allow some people who read it and reflect on it patiently to find what they have always been looking for, consciously or not. I don't claim to have any special knowledge, in fact I don't know anything at all, for sure, anymore. Everything I believe is built on assumptions that I have deliberately studied and then placed a bet on. Please don't be put off by worries that my background and terminology may be different than yours - what is written here should be useful for anyone who can understand it and who is looking for a solution to problems like hopelessness, pain, guilt, alienation or any other form of trouble. Surely you have been promised these things before and been disappointed, and are wondering now if continuing to read is even worth the time and the prospect of disappointment. I hope you will give one more chance, try one more time, given the importance of the goal. I have found what I have always been looking for, and the best part of it is that I am in a position to share it with others. Even if you can't understand everything I write, there may be big pieces you can add to your own understanding which will boost you toward your goal.

   I've broken down this account into these sections:

Assumptions - important
Who/what is God?
Who is Jesus?
What is the Bible?
How does prayer work?

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